About - Control Punch

Have you noticed pain or discomfort using a traditional center punch or knockdown — even for short periods?

I have!

Hi, I’m Dave Streen. As a hail damage repair specialist, I spent 15 years traveling all over the country carrying out detailed repairs to automobile bodywork, sometimes working with knockdown punches for several hours on end.

Over time, I started experiencing pain in my fingers and hand, which I noticed was taking longer and longer to go away.

I started to get worried, because this was my livelihood. I needed to be able to use hand tools to put food on the table!

8640500-23That’s when I realized that the punch you’re using is basically the same design as the one that my great-grandpa used!

The fact is, while the old “pen grip” design have worked okay for generations, using this type of punch brings some serious drawbacks…

  • Because you have to hold the punch firmly for an accurate strike, every hit of the hammer sends powerful vibrations direct to the soft tissues and bones of your hand.
  • Over the course of a day’s work, that could happen hundreds or even thousands of times!
  • Wrapping your fingers around the punch like a pen can obscure the point, which can make you tilt the punch at a slight angle, causing more tension in the muscles of your hand and wrist, as well as the back and neck.
  • Even worse, holding the tool in that same single position for prolonged periods only adds further stress.
  • Prolonged vibrations have been shown to cause permanent damage, contributing to conditions like arthritis, white finger, loss of dexterity, and even permanent nerve damage.

Because I knew I could not take that risk, I started thinking about how I could improve on the design of great-grandpa’s punch.

The big question I asked was, “How could we have a center punch that you don’t have to grip so tight — and still deliver perfect accuracy?”

After a year of testing various prototypes, I finally arrived at this: I call it the Control Punch.control_punch_single

Here’s how it works.

The unique (Patent Pending) shape allows you to hold the punch exactly in place, but using practically no pressure at all!

Because I have my fingers through the body of the Control Punch, practically all the impact vibration is passed through the metal body. I literally feel nothing.

Plus, even if you have large hands, your fingers do not get in the way of your view of the tip of the punch, making it easy and totally accurate to use.

What’s more, these contours mean you can use at least seven different hand positions, minimizing stress and fatigue. You really can use this tool for hours on end, with zero pain or discomfort, confident that your hand is well protected.

And if you’ve ever missed by a fraction of an inch and hit your knuckles, you know how painful that can be! With the Control Punch, not only do you get a larger strike plate to aim for, but your hand is also protected by the metal here.

Removable tips and strike plates mean you can replace multiple tools in
your tool box with just one Control Punch. It could take the place of several
center punches, nail sets, countersinks and more…

Use your Control Punch for metalwork, knocking in nails, … etc …

There are some things you can’t put a price on. For me, protecting my hands is definitely one of them! So I see Control Punch like an insurance policy for the future.

It isn’t even expensive, this handy tool can actually cost less than the multiple tools it replaces!

The Control Punch gives you more comfort, more accuracy, more protection, all at an affordable price. Go ahead and order yours today.