Dent Repair - Control Punch

Finally, a PDR Knockdown designed with the technician in mind!

Introducing the Patented Control Punch™ Edgy Tools Ergonomic Knockdown for PDR The only PDR Knockdown that gives you the control you have always wanted. The PDR Knockdown is one of the most important tools for performing Paintless Dent Repair Tool yet it is often not thought about much. Many beginners do not even purchase one when they get started. lol

Much like a writer gets cramps and even Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, many dent repair technicians experience wrist and finger pain from the old style of knockdown. We started designing the Control Punch™  with these issues in mind. You will notice that with the Control Punch, the wrist and fingers are totally relaxed as if you were simply laying your arm on the car panel to rest it.


The striking force is not absorbed by your fingers but travels around them and right to the tip which gives you a more accurate hit without the health risk. You will also enjoy a larger viewing area as your fingers will not obstruct your vision as with the old-fashion knockdowns.

  • Ergonomically Designed
  • More visibility of high spot
  • Comfort
  • Less Fatigue = More Work = More Money
  • Faster – you can leave it on your fingers instead of setting it down and picking it up all the time
  • Can’t Roll Away
  • Universal Tip Threads – Use any industry standard tips to get the feel you like
  • Deliver accurate strikes with more “feeling” of pressure needed.

Can be Purchased at any of our fine retailers:

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